Sentierre Wellbeing Academy & Spa

Open, seemingly untouched spaces beckon to live fully and clear the path to our innermost thoughts. Bridging modern treatments and traditional, holistic practices imparts a space for the Sentierre Wellbeing Academy’s programs, treatments, research, forums, library, activities, and productions. All of which are bolstered by leading advisors, thought leaders and topic experts.

The distinctive spa is designed for more than 120,000 square feet of treatment and accompanying amenity grounds as well as intentionally created outdoor rooms that seamlessly connect throughout the space.

The path to balance through the 6 pillars deliberately unfolds here at Sentierre Padre Canyon’s Wellbeing Academy & Spa.

Sentierre Padre Canyon Sylvia Sepielli

Meet Sylvia

Sylvia Sepielli has spent her life training in holistic arts throughout the world. She is one of THE most sought-after “spa” consultants. Her strength and humility as well as grace and honor for our earth and each inhabitant upon it sets the tone for our conscientious  approach.

Sylvia’s genius is optimally mixing wellness experiences.  She has conceptually guided the programming and design direction for the merging of 1. Sentierre Wellbeing Academy 2. Luxury Spa, and 3. Emphasis on bridging modern medical and ancient holistic practices.


Confidently moving forward, enjoying the alignment that comes from each day’s effort.  Resulting in a strengthened legacy from time spent well with those that matter most.

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Wellbeing Sentierre Padre Canyon
Wellbeing Sentierre Padre Canyon
Sentierre Padre Canyon Pool