Sentierre Padre Canyon Resort

Timeless and natural, our flagship property insists you revive in the fresh air, luxuriate in the sun and pause to take in the contrast of the bluest skies. Sentierre elevates historical resort experiences through connected wellbeing, revealing arresting views from every corridor.

As a steward of this land, Sentierre is honoring Padre Canyon’s infinite character by creating much more than high quality buildings but rather a community within a finely crafted piece of timeless art where all the components come together.

A portion of the amenities include Sentierre’s approach to our restaurants and bar selection, Member’s Lounge accompaniments, designed outdoor spaces, incredible spa experience and Well Being Academy to highlight a few.

As Sentierre expands each location will offer new perspectives and possibilities.

Path Guides

Key to every plan, no matter the length, Path Guides are at the core of every well-kept stay. From ultra-luxury service to enhancing wellbeing they are versatile curators and dot connectors. Villa owners and hotel guests alike may utilize their Path Guide for experiences that everyone looks forward to.


Creating time and connection with those that matter most. Please select the desired accommodations and submit your request. Or simply call (435) 429-7000

761 Sanctuary Pl.

768 Sanctuary Pl.